The seven ways Canadians say sorry

Canadians are well known around the world for their politeness. This is of course a huge generalization. But I'd tend to agree, most of us do tend to say sorry more often than other nations.

Clos Du Soleil Winery Visit

A quick stop at the Clos Du Soleil winery in the Similkameen Valley in 2014.

Manning Park, late summer

Manning Park, summer 2014. Some teens are up to no good.

Einstein’s theory of bikes being efficient yet to be proven

With the recent announcement that gravitational waves are measurable and real, It looks like was Einstein was right about one of his theories. But not all of his speculations have yet been proven.

Craft Coffee – Barista’s Manual

Remember, coffee is not a drink. It’s a food, that happens to be liquid.

We’ll take it from here

Dear Homeowners, Re: 1531 Prince Edward St. Firstly, thank you for taking time to read this letter.

The Working Vacation

This sounds counterintuitive - who wants to be checking emails while they are lounging on a beach half way around the world?

Experience & memory in design patterns

Think of a pressing button on an old soda vending machine. In one moment, you've experienced the sticky residue on the plastic surface, the dim LED lighting the faded logo, and the irregular vibration of the underlying spring and plastic.

Why I bike

I don't bike because I love the culture.

Rethinking time and materials

As a creative person, you need to start getting away from time and materials.

Coffee #Cinemagram

Just enjoying a coffee outside in beautiful fall weather.

Home made root beer

I think root beer is a drink that everyone can appreciate.

Spring Salad

It's made with whatever just popped up at the corner grocer. Must have buttermilk dressing.

The old friend in the kitchen

With our increasingly disparate schedules, time for preparing food is becoming a luxury. Food marketing plays on this shift, encouraging us to grab and go prepared food on the way to work, or scarf an energy bar for lunch.

Designing for startup

Ive come to realize one of the beautiful aspects of designing for startups. Whether it's the small teams, laser focused goals, or tight budgets, you end up expanding your notion of design greatly.

5 cornerstone ingredients of a healthy home cook

I'm not vegan. Nor am I vegetarian, gluten free, paleo or anything. Nor do I like to preach about what to eat or not.

Not-so-simple syrups

The recent aquisition of a Soda Stream device has dramatically expanded our thinking on drink making.

White Dog

I first sampled House Spirits White Dog Whiskey a few years back from one of their earlier batches. Essentially it’s legal moonshine – whiskey before it’s hit the barrel.

Picking morels in a burnt down forest

Sometimes you need to go a little farther than the kitchen, or even the grocer, to get some truly local ingredients.