Home made root beer

I think root beer is a drink that everyone can appreciate.

Spring Salad

It's made with whatever just popped up at the corner grocer. Must have buttermilk dressing.

The old friend in the kitchen

With our increasingly disparate schedules, time for preparing food is becoming a luxury. Food marketing plays on this shift, encouraging us to grab and go prepared food on the way to work, or scarf an energy bar for lunch.

5 cornerstone ingredients of a healthy home cook

I'm not vegan. Nor am I vegetarian, gluten free, paleo or anything. Nor do I like to preach about what to eat or not.

Not-so-simple syrups

The recent aquisition of a Soda Stream device has dramatically expanded our thinking on drink making.

White Dog

I first sampled House Spirits White Dog Whiskey a few years back from one of their earlier batches. Essentially it’s legal moonshine – whiskey before it’s hit the barrel.