Craft Coffee – Barista’s Manual

Unit #94, 29963 Industrial Ave.
In Capulus Veritas

First of all, congratulations for being incorporated into the best crew of baristas and coffee shop operators in the city. Each employee is selected by hand by the High Council of Baristas after rigorous interviewing, background checking and blood tests so it’s no easy road. As a Craft Coffee barista, you’ve been granted the highest possible status of coffeedom. It’s up to you to share your knowledge and build coffee culture however you can!

This manual serves as a guide book for dealing with daily activities, a variety of brew methods, and ultimately creating an environment worthy of the hand selected single origin coffees that we offer.


This chapter deals with one of the more distracting aspects of creating coffee culture: handling customers. It’s a hard fact that creating coffee culture isn’t cheap – the lease on that La Marazocco Linea isn’t gonna pay itself. But we have a plan! Customers occasionally do find us, despite being located deep in a yet-to-be-gentrified neighbourhood. So as a side aspect to our venture, we provide beverages to these people.

Many customers will come into the shop having been subjected to mass-market beans from Brazil, Kenya or Jamaica so they don’t really know what coffee should taste like. Or they’ve been taught to cover up their perfectly bitter Tanzania Peaberry with sugar, milk, or artificial flavouring. Or worse off, they’ve succumbed to drinking Arabica based beverages. Whatever their previous experience, we are here to provide them with a pathway to the correct way to experience coffee, through education, demonstration and service. Here are a few pointers to get you started.

Remember, coffee is not a drink. It’s a food, that happens to be liquid.


Some customers may cite Italian-esque nomenclature to request incorrect cup sizes for their beverages. If they ask for a ‘venti’, kindly suggest they order 3 of the same beverage and drink them in succession.


If a customer requests where the sugar is, be sure to explain to them the perfect balance of toffee, plum cake and flambée banana in their Guatemala La Palermo should be plenty sweet.

If there’s a request for milk, refer to chart 1B and map their selected single origin variety with the correct type of milk or alt-milk (taking note of the correct temperature) before consulting the customer on whether milk should even be added or not.


Some customers may request what is known as a ‘pumpkin spice latte’. It’s a sugar and milk concoction available at other beverage shops with a spicy sweet profile. As we would never pair such a flavour profile with coffee, offer them one of our pumpkin based sandwiches or croissants instead.

When a customer asks for a macchiato, and then asks where the caramel drizzle is, kindly ask them to leave.