Einstein’s theory of bikes being efficient yet to be proven

With the recent announcement that gravitational waves are measurable and real, It looks like was Einstein was right about the theory of relativity and the existence of black holes. But not all of Einstein’s theories have been proven. He had long speculated that the use of a bicycle made for efficient transportation – he was often seen on a bike, shuttling around the Princeton Institute for Advanced Study deep in thought. Einstein even attributed the inspiration for the Theory of Relativity coming to him during a bike ride.

At the Portland Centre for Cycling Research, a multi-national team of scientists have long studied Einstein’s Theory of Cycling but have yet to prove that it’s an efficient, fun activity. “What we know right now is that driving a car is our best current option,” stated Dr. Sarah Wittinger, chief scientist on the project. “Whether you’re crossing town or just going a few blocks, you’re getting up to 30% efficiency on the fossil fuels you put into that car. We have yet to come even close to even matching that number on a bike”. Dr. Wittinger’s team is looking at fossil fuel alternates due to the increasing concern of global warming recognized by the scientific community at large. “We’re feeding the cars a diet of pasta, hamburgers and pizza, and so far, no luck getting it to move,”  she added.