Food Lab
adidas x Luvo collaboration

adidas approached convenience nutrition meal leader Luvo with a challenge: can you develop a product that reflects our values as well as yours?

We had an amazing once in a lifetime opportunity to define something completely new for adidas – their first foray into nutrition.

The project was to introduce visitors to the world’s largest yoga festival to adidas’ energy bites. With Luvo’s significant expertise in proven nutrition, and adidas’ dedication to performance in mind, I created the Food Lab concept. The Lab allowed us to create a test space for consumers to try the products and give feedback through digital and analog means. the Food Lab brand needed to bridge the Luvo and adidas brand perfectly so I came up with a look and feel that reflected those values and seamlessly integrated with the adidas retail experience.

The project was a success – we received valued feedback on the energy bite products and shared them with adidas. The result was a huge builder of trust with the performance apparel giant – and they committed to working with Luvo further to develop their nutrition products.

The photography direction referenced lab-like devices, but the goal was always to showcase the food in a beautiful, edible way.

Creative Direction – Peter Chlebak
Photography – Clinton Hussey
Food styling / props – Gabriel Cabrera