Foodee Order Deck

I started with Foodee as product design lead 2011. The company started in the food delivery space which quickly crowded with volume players. From that, we decided to focus on disrupting corporate catering services. We identified one of the key areas we could win in that space was customer service, but there was one catch — corporate customers preferred ordering via phone. By investing in a internal facing dashboard system, we could equip Foodee concierge staff with the information they needed to answer customer demands and monitor orders realtime. In that way, the person on the phone was a part of the product experience.

By making the human a part of the product, we could leverage human intelligence where needed (ie solving complex delivery routing problems and managing irate customers) while focusing web app as an informational tool with context-specific information.

We built the Order Deck on a sliding card metaphor in AngularJS. Cards could be small, medium or large depending on the data they held, and they were sorted simply left to right — left being the top of the hierarchy, and right being more granular. You could navigate the cards left or right with a click or swipe on a tablet. The card metaphor was used to help establish a sense of flow and fun to a concierge’s experience, and to help future-proof the tool for mobile applications.