Performance Kitchen

Performance Kitchen is food for active life. It’s the meal that’s ready for you in 5 minutes when you don’t have time to cook something or want another beige protein shake. Whether you’re climbing stairs or mountains, each meal packs the protein, veggies and healthy fats you need. It’s functional meals you actually want to eat.

The client sought a brand that would disrupt a frozen aisle which was obsessed with clean ingredients and white based packaging. To keep the commitment to ingredient transparency, we over-sized the prepared meal and were clear about the contents up front. A jewel toned palette inspired by flash frozen produce differentiated each flavor. We leaned towards a functional look to appeal to an audience that skewed male.

Layering organic textures, we created a 360 degree wrap effect, using layers of ripped paper. The paper itself is inspired by that feeling of tearing into a burrito when you’re super hungry. The paper tear device itself is a fundamental brand element that is echoed throughout brand touchpoints, to create layers and divisions.

Performance Kitchen will first launch at Target stores 2019 Q2. I was responsible for brandmark, creative direction, packaging, launch campaign.