The Lunch People

The Lunch People was created as 6 episodes of branded content to talk about the culture around eating lunch in the office. It was shot in a documentary style inspired by The Office, using that trope to allow viewers to enter deeper into the story.

Luvo brings nutritious, convenient meals to your home or office. But rather than speaking to those product benefits, we talked about what the client’s products didn’t stand for, for more comedic effect. Each character developed here embodied various lunch anti-qualities like artificial sourcing, inconvenience, sameness, and diet obsession. The creative benefit was to not awkwardly insert the branded product into the series.

Our in house creative team worked closely with Kelly & Kelly to produce 6 episodes. We promoted it with a series of social posts and a digital presence.

Direction & production – Kelly & Kelly Co.
Peter Chlebak – co-writing, set design, titles