We’ll take it from here

RELMAX Realty Corp.
Vancouver, BC.

Dear Homeowners,
Re: 1531 Prince Edward St.

Firstly, thank you for taking time to read this letter. We understand you’ve lived in the Mount Pleasant area since the late 1990s, back when stepping on a used needle, getting solicited for prostitution or getting mugged in broad daylight was a constant threat. Despite the neighbourhood’s shortcomings, you saw potential that the somewhat affordable rent and the influx of young creatives could transform the area into something special. And look what happened a few short years later: the needles got cleaned up. The muggers and pimps moved to other hoods. Rundown warehouses became galleries, and franchise fast food restaurants became independent coffee shops. Heck, a globally recognized tech sector sprung up nearby to tap into the amazing density of creative talent!

We really thank you for enduring the drug entrenched, sketchy-at-night, un-hip times of the early 2000s to help fund the community centres, bike lanes and microbreweries that we all love and ultimately make Mount Pleasant one of the most sought after neighbourhoods in Canada. Now we all know that this mix of hard-to-replicate world class livability makes property availability scant, and at stratospheric prices comparable to San Francisco or New York. We also know that you haven’t officially listed your property for sale.

Today is your lucky day, homeowner: our client would like to offer you a ridiculous sum of foreign money for your tastefully restored Vancouver special. My client will gently remove the buildling, but will do their best to preserve the carrara marble and black walnut floors you put in. Once that’s out, they’ll be room for an exciting Cape Cod/Whistler contemporary duplex concept that will be a great rental addition to the neighbourhood. Speaking of renting, we understand that you may be looking for a dwelling after you leave, so our client has graciously offered you first dibs at becoming tenants (should your financials check out – this is Mount Pleasant we’re talking about amirite?!?) So if you don’t mind, I’ve included a subject-free, over market-value cash offer attached to this letter for you to sign at your earliest convenience.



Ricky Schellhouse | Personal Real Estate Sales Advisor
RelMAX Realty Gold Club Member, Vancouver Top 15% Associate
C. 604-888-SELL | E. rsellhouse@relmaxrealty.com
W. vancouversellyourhome.com
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