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My origin story

In 2008, I came to a conclusion - from this moment forward, no matter what I do with my life, design will be in my DNA.

Since then, I've always kept focus on design work - for agencies, tech startups, or through my own shop. In my spare time, the design mindset persists - whether it's helping a friend with a hand-painted sign, or building a studio in my backyard, it's about restlessly revisting every detail until I felt like they could stand the test of time, aesthetically and functionally.

These days, I'm spending more of my work time checking in on Figma layouts, or chatting with a designer about a new branding project. Between design projects, catch me on a bike break to get some fresh air and think about a design system, or creating a design system for dinner (aka prepping ingredients mise en place).

Conceptual thinking has never taken me away from being involved hands-on - I'm still pushing pixels with the latest tools, and when unplugged, I'm fixing random things like espresso machines and cameras. This hands-on practice helps me appreciate and unpack the dense, thoughtful design work that goes into every object we use.

Finally, I love injecting humor into my work. When I'm not building global design systems for American Express and Samsung, I'm photoshopping broccolis on Drake in a microwave for a frozen food company.

Experienced and dynamic

Always on the move, but grounded with a wide view of the game. Sketching always.

Years in the game
Cups of coffee consumed

I fit into agencies, brand and product teams with ease, dynamically adjusting my workflow.


Rather than working from one static methodology, I bring in a set of skills and inspiration tailored to the project for truly resonant results.


I listen. I ask unexpected questions that spark energetic conversations about what we can accomplish together.

Key working qualities
Some kind words about my collaborations.
Christine Day
Former CEO Lululemon & Director Starbucks Asia-Pacific

"Peter is a talented designer who delivers impactful designs on time and on budget. He is a pleasure to work with and respected by peers. He is a strong contributor in a start up environment as he is resourceful and hard working."

Oli Maughan
VP Marketing & Retail

"Anyone who chooses to give Peter a seat at their creative table — as a guest or at the head of that table — can count on a feast of creative chops, knowledge, experience and genius. He will challenge the way you think and inspire you to be better. It has been my absolute privilege to know him and to work with him."

Working with me

None of this matters unless it feels easy and fun. I'm here to keep things flowing in a constructive, positive way.

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